The global climate has been changed dramatically over years due to fast development of many industries. After years doing research, Mr. Yamamoto Yusuke created a product called “YAMAMOTO” in 2000, which helped to reduce the carbon dioxide (CO2) released into the environment from transportation activities. YAMAMOTO is made from 100% palm oil, it is a green product and not harmful to human body and to the environment. Through years of developing, in 2010, Mr. Yamamoto Yusuke combine YAMAMOTO with the latest technology called Artificial Intelligence (A.I), to become the revolution product which can use for all kinds of transportation like: motorbikes, cars, trucks, vessel and generator as well.

How to use YAMAMOTO?

Put YAMAMOTO direct into the fuel tank according to the ratio:


1pc for full tank


1st time: 10 pcs/full tank

2nd time onwards: 5pcs / full tank

Trucks & Generator

1pc = 15 litters

Then you can enjoy the journey with pleasures, your bikes or cars’ engine become more powerful, less smoke and also less noise

How does YAMAMOTO works and its benefit

The technology of YAMAMOTO makes the molecules of petrol or diesel become smaller, which make it easier to burn (up to 95%) than normal. Since the fuel is burnt more efficient, the engine get more power and less petrol or diesel is consumed.

In addition, YAMAMOTO helps reduce the white smoke exhausted from the engine which caused by the petrol or diesel was not burnt efficiency.

Furthermore, YAMAMOTO creates more power and also reduce the overwork for the engine. Thus, it makes the engine become more quiet and prolong the engine lifespan.

For example: we usually send our motorbikes for maintenance every 2-3 months, after using YAMAMOTO we can extend the period up to 5-6 month for each maintenance.

In conclusion, YAMAMOTO is a green and friendly product. It causes no harmful to human body and natural environment. Yamamoto helps prolong engine life span, maintenance fees and save fuel consumption (it is depending on our driving attitude).

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